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I'm currently 18, trying my best on creating a sprite animation series starring characters from the Mario, Sonic and Kirby series. While it may not look like it yet I have many original ideas that I think will make SMBR different from similiar fan series.

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If you're wondering where have I been and about the future of SMBR, please read below.

This post I also have copied and pasted in every comment section of my newer youtube uploads, so if you have seen this message there, this is the same one, you don't have to read it two times... unless you'd want to xP

First off, why no videos for so long? What happened? I have one anwser to both of those questions, and that's just a simple "life's kept me busy". A lot of stuff happened that prevented me from working on my personal projects for a loong while, but I have finally managed to set my life back on track at least somewhat. Let's not forget that summer is starting, which is giving me way more free time to work on my own stuff.

That does not mean I have completely forgotten about SMBR during this long break of mine. Since I could not animate, and didn't have time to write down scripts or make music, I have instead focused on rethinking the story and the ideas I had for the series, thinking on how to merge them together and planning out the whole story, albeit for now my story overview is still quite vague on certain details, but the important things are already planned, and enough is certain for me to be able to start writing a new script for episode 1!

So all that in mind, what exactly is happening with SMBR at the moment? Well for starters, I have commissioned a wonderful musician to compose a new main theme for the series. I won't upload it to youtube yet, because I want to first finish the first episode proper before I upload anything again. Second, I am once again reworking the ending and opening, but I swear it's going to be for the last time! I just feel like I could've done way better than I did with the current ending and opening. Only the opening song will be once again changed to another one, but the opening itself is going to be closely resembling the last one, just way better animated and setting up actual events that are going to happen in the first arc. The ending will have the same song as it does now, and it too will be looking very similiar to how it does now - once again, I just want to make it the best it can be so that I won't want to change it each episode. And yes, you have heard me right, first arc, meaning this series will have way more going on than just mario and sonic versus bowser and eggman. Kirby is there on purpose, Yoshi and Dante are also there on purpose. I've gotten quite a lot of the story figured out, including how I want it to end, and what I want to happen before then, and this series will end up with around 6-8 arcs total from what I have planned so far. We'll see what that means for the episodes, but each new arc will have a new opening and ending, which yes, I also have chosen the songs for and have planned them out in my head already. I hope you guys are as excited as I am, SMBR is coming back!

And, if you read through all that, and you're interested in being more closely involved with the process of me making SMBR, come on in to it's discord server! I have a channel set up there where I upload progress updates, wheter it's sneak peeks, the opening and ending once they're done, music tracks made for the series, or anything else I feel like sharing, you're going to find it there. You can also ask me anything you'd want, and I'll anwser that question if I can. The server is slowly growing in users and activity, and I hope you'll be there to see it! https://discord.gg/QRakJfM

Thanks for reading all of this, hope you guys have a wonderful summer, and I'll see all of you soon... hopefully ;p

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